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Breathing techniques for labour and birth

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How Pregnancy Changes your Pelvis


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Weleda Baby Massage


A Sanctuary Massage also recommends these allied Health Care Practitioners and Products:

Kaylene Henderson (Homeopath)

For Homeopathic birthing

Kylie Phillips (Chiropractor)

For pelvic balancing, optimising baby’s movement

Caterina Findsen (Birth Coaching/Calm Birthing)

Empower/relax mind and body to prepare for Birth

Kane Monrad (Acupuncturist)

For renewed energy, pain relief and womens health

Andrew Fraser (Zen Acupuncturist)

Specialises in womens health

Gail Tully

International Midwife, Author, Birth Doula and Educator

Natures Nurse

Natural Pain Relief

Doterra Essential Oils

Wellbeing and natural health care. Labour support.


Organic Oils & Herbal Infusions

RasberryLeaf and Nettle for toning the uterus and natural iron support plus St Johns Wort Mother and Baby Oil, vein support, restless legs.

Real Deal Hurt Creme

For Pain Relief and Restless legs