We offer Prenatal Massage to alleviate the additional stresses while the body transforms.


With regular massage these tensions can be reduced and you can feel more in tune with your body


In the clinic, we provide pregnancy cushions to support you and a special pregnancy massage bed with a ‘sling’ to allow for your belly.
This provides more comfort for you and baby, by enabling you to lie semi-prone with the weight of baby supported.
It enables the back and hips to relax and allows for easier access for therapy to the hips, buttocks and lower back.


During pregnancy, massage therapy can:


    • reduce swelling


    • alleviate pain


    • mobilize joints


    • reduce muscle cramps


    • improve circulation


    • help with the removal of toxins


    • release back pain and fascia constriction


    • provide vascular nourishment to vital nerves and strained connective tissue


  • assist with sleeplessness


These benefits create a more conducive environment for the freedom of movement of the developing baby, facilitating a more comfortable labour and birth.



For best results it is advised to book for a regular massage every 3 weeks in the first Trimester, then every 2 weeks in the Second and once a week in the Third Trimester.
This will assist the recurring problems of sciatica, leg cramps, back, hip and shoulder pain, sleeplessness and restless legs.
It also helps prepare your body for the Birth process by softening connective tissue, increasing muscle and joint strength and flexibility, minimising associated pain and discomfort, creating more confidence and calm.


We want you to have the most natural birth ever and maximum ease in your delivery.


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